Chapter 1           The weird girl

Chapter 2           A bit of haunting

Chapter 3           The disappearing dress

Chapter 4           I haven't seen a ghost

Chapter 5          The burglary

Chapter 6          In the ambulance

Chapter 7          The West Hill Ghost

Chapter 8          We kill them

Chapter 9          The morning after

Chapter 10        The ghost hunter

Chapter 11         Liridona

Chapter 12        The ghost of the audio-visual show

Chapter 13        Watch the wall, my darling

Chapter 14        The keycutter on the hill

Chapter 15         I can't get that girl out of my mind

Chapter 16         His fingers touched the cold hand

Chapter 17         He drew a finger across his throat

Chapter 18         The prowler in the shadows

Chapter 19         A silken touch

Chapter 20         Then he felt a human hand

Chapter 21         Two dark silhouettes

Chapter 22         A thud in the distance

Chapter 23         Echo location

Chapter 24         She's scared to let me go

Chapter 25         Like an undertaker

Chapter 26         Scared someone will see through the window

Chapter 27         Prepare to be scared.

Chapter 28         A bit of haunting

Chapter 29        The Haunted Jaunt

Chapter 30        Lover of freedom

Chapter 31        Red and black

Chapter 32        The CoolZine code

Chapter 33        Rose Market

Chapter 34       The red and black tattoo

Chapter 35       I can't be shut in

Chapter 36       Mafia

Chapter 37      One of our girls is missing

Chapter 38      I’m so frightened

Chapter 39      Blood revenge

Chapter 40      Engulfed by the waves

Chapter 41     At the bottom of the sea

Chapter 42     DANGER, KEEP OUT

Chapter 43      Liridona?

Chapter 44      One dead woman

Chapter 45      Follow him

Chapter 46      Lying in a pool of blood

Chapter 47      Debriefing